Daniel Zuloaga Olalla remains in Argentina until 1966, and which year he returned to Segovia. After some time he tried fruitlessly to reopen the school and the workshop. His aunt Teodora died in 1976, and even worse at the beginning of the 80s and due to a variety of reasons, the Museum is closed (resolution of the inheritance, need to enhance the building, cataloguing and restoring art works) and it would not open again until 1992 but with quite a reduced collection as result of the resolution of the inheritance
       Luckily, Eleuterio Laguna and his wife Juanita with the intention to be part of their future foundation, acquired most of the family’s heritage; later this collection is firmly restored, studied and completed with more works (especially of the production period of La Moncloa in Madrid and of Vargas in Segovia) turning it into the best and most complete sample of the artistic and artisan production of the family.
       It is during the 80s when Daniel Zuloaga Olalla is offered a post teaching ceramic arts in the recently opened school of arts and craft in "La Casa de los Picos". He sets up his workshop in "La Plaza de la Merced" on the way to the Alcazar, where his wife Danielle Khoyan also works with him. It is in the 90s when his son Juan Daniel started training in the workshop. Daniel, just like his grandfather but of a peculiar joyful and sincere personality, died in the year 2000.

       Juan Daniel Zuloaga Khoyan actually continues the workshop of ceramic art.

                Daniel Zuloaga Olalla (1968-2000)
Juan Daniel Zuloaga Khoyan decoranting a vase
Danielle Khoyan and Daniel Zuloaga Olalla in “Les Metiers D´Arts”. Paris, France.
Daniel Zuloaga Boneta 1852-1921
Children of  Daniel Zuloaga 1921-1968
Daniel Zuloaga Olalla 1968-2000
Zuloaga´s Ceramics Segovia
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